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SA Ahad
Jul 31, 2022
In General Discussions
Changzuo has no party membership, this allows the ruling DPP to directly follow the Huang Jie model and directly participate in the war. The three members of the Zhongzheng Wanhua District have clearly expressed their support. This also gave Lin Changzuo more confidence to deploy. In contrast, the Kuomintang's attitude is passive. First, the relationship between Zhu Lilun and Zhong Xiaoping in the "Same Boat Project" is really ambiguous. There is a lack of organizational mobilization power like Yan Qingbiao, and under the pressure of time and pressure, they have to face the integrated and united Green Camp Taiwan faction, which is also the reason popular database why the outside world is not optimistic about the recall case. Further reading "Reject" group 10-day sprint for the second stage of the second phase of the sprint, Lin Changzuo: win the support of "Young Blue", let me be retaliatory and dismissed Compared with the agitation behind blue-green, "citizen's will" is the real driving force for the success of recall Worried that Lin Changzuo will repeat Chen Baiwei's mistakes, the DPP is under pressure to "can't lose" [Infographic] Taichung's "Big Oolong" flipped over: 3Q Where did Chen Baiwei defeat Yan Kuanheng? Why do I say that the "deleting Q" incident is more beneficial than detrimental to the DPP? [Join Key Comments Network Member] Every day, wonderful and good articles will be delivered directly to your mailbox, and you will enjoy exclusive weekly editorial selections, current affairs selections, art and literature weekly and other special electronic newspapers. You can also leave a message to discuss the content of the article with authors, reporters, and editors. Click to join for free now! Responsible editor: Ding Zhaojiu Review editor: Weng Shihang
In addition, unlike the interaction mode between the radical parties content media
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SA Ahad

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